SABON΄s Delicatessen of Pleasures


Whenever you enter a SABON store, you are invited to a meeting with time. SABON’s  delicatessen invite those who pass through its gates to choose their pleasures from an exciting variety of scents, shades and feelings.


SABON’s products are made of high quality ingredients, based on formulas of international standards. Great attention is given to components and their combination, to the careful design up to the last detail, with constant, attentive, and uncompromising preservation of nature and environment.


SABON is known for its innovation, and is a leader of trends such as the selling of handmade soaps by the pound, the development of special scents, the design of unique product packages and, of course, the design and choice of the packages themselves. All these small details create an exciting experience that invites you into the SABON world.




Senses, Sensualities and Scents


At SABON, we live in a world of sensuality, scent and touch, and give senses a great importance. Aromas and perfumes surround us, become a part of our personality, and constitute a personal and meaningful way of expression. What we wear on our skin, even when we are nude, is more important than any garment, and affects our feeling and sensuality, our presence.


The unique SABON scent collection is carefully concocted out of high quality aroma extracts from around the world, by an international perfume expert. Careful consideration is given to each and every ingredient, and to the search for unique, groundbreaking, beloved and exciting combinations.


SABON introduced to the world combinations such as patchouli-lavender-vanilla – which became one of the most desirable scents in the world – a unique and sensual scent that captivated the hearts of those trying it more than any other.


SABON lets each and everyone of us find our suitable and loved scent and enjoy it through an entire series of products for our body and our home.

The aroma follows you, goes with you, comes home with you, becomes part of your identity and allows you to make changes according to the time, place and your expectations.


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