A fragranced journey between tradition and modernity


There’s a sense of wonder as you explore Tokyo, a feeling anything is possible.
Pockets of history and tradition sit alongside the modern, new and innovative.

From the moment you step onto the streets of Tokyo, a sense of wonder washes over you, a feeling of complete awe.

The beauty of Tokyo is in its many layers, like a kaleidoscope of pop culture, bright colors and modern art, where neon lights meet blossoming trees and flowers.  

Inspired by Tokyo vibes, SABON has created a new limited-edition collection to celebrate beauty and art, to transform each product into art of gifting.

Discover a unique poetic and modern universe through SABON’s new limited-edition TOKYO.

Envelop your body and mood with the “Clear Dream" luminous fragrance, to truly reconnect you with nature wonders.

TOKYO is a collection that features the beautiful traits and energy that swirl around Tokyo